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Home Gain Exclusion

People are starting to be affected by the changes so I thought a review might be helpful. The Housing Assistance Tax Act of 2008 changed the rules around capital gain exclusions for homeowners. The qualification for the exclusion remains untouched. You must meet the ownership test (2 of last 5 [...]

July Real Estate in Graphs

Inventories are still high. Low priced homes went higher in the bubble and have been crashing down faster.  The following is the Case-Shiller break down for L.A.  Lower priced homes are expected to hit their price bottoms sooner than the more expensive homes.  While low priced homes have around 9 [...]

2/24/09 Housing Update

The latest Case-Shiller monthly Home Price Indices for December came out today.  Home prices have continued to fall.  If we look at housing costs through a variety of metrics we see that we are just starting to get down to the level of previous highs.  To get back to historical average valuations [...]
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