Investment Supervision Only

  • Develop an investment policy that attempts to balance your goals, risk tolerance and market stance.
  • Effect the investment policy
    • Investment selection and trade execution on a nondiscretionary basis
    • Re-balance the portfolio when appropriate.
    • Re-allocate the portfolio due to changes in market valuations or your goals.
  • Provide performance reports upon request.


Supervised Assets Quarterly Annual
First $500,000 0.30% 1.20%
Next $500,000 0.15% 0.60%
Next $9,000,000 0.075% 0.30%
Over $10,000,000 0.0375% 0.15%

This investment supervision contract is cancelable anytime without restriction. Fee is payable in arrears on a quarterly basis. Supervised assets are based on account values at the end of the quarter or the end of service. For any calendar quarter in which services are provided for less than the full quarter, fees will be prorated based on the percentage of the quarter services were provided. All fees shall be deducted directly from supervised accounts or payable within thirty days of invoice receipt.

All fees will have Hawaii’s 4.712% general excise tax added and are negotiable.

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