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Healthcare’s Future

Healthcare reform has entered the limelight again this year and already people are trying to frame the problem as government versus marketplace solutions dividing along traditional liberal/conservative lines.  Unfortunately, this comes at the problem from the wrong direction. From the [...]

Fruadulent Transactions Made Real?

I just finished reading Chris Whalen’s piece on AIG and the implications leaves me speechless. Here is the gist.  Before credit default swaps came into vogue, insurance companies would create reinsurance contracts with each other.  Reinsurance is simply one insurance company transferring some of [...]

Instant Quotes: Annuities and Life Insurance

When shopping for immediate annuities or life insurance it always amazes me how far apart quotes can be from different companies.  To make things even worse, the same companies aren’t always the cheapest, so you ALWAYS need to shop around. Here are a few sites where you can get instant quotes [...]
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