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Financial Education Doesn’t Work (cont)

I come back to this theme because it goes so strongly against what I wish to be true. Research continues to dribble in that financial education does not help people make better financial decisions. Lauren Willis in Against Financial Literacy Education puts it this way: “The gulf between the [...]

Feynman and Other Lectures

Microsoft has put Richard Feynman‘s physics lectures online. Yale has partnered with iTunes U to put up 13 complete course lectures. The amount of high quality material online is becoming truly staggering.  With education costs continuing to grow much faster than incomes, I truly believe there is [...]

Harvard Doesn’t Create Winners, It Identifies Them

Many studies have shown that Harvard graduates go on to have more successful careers (on average) than their state university counterparts, even when you control for SAT scores and high school academic success. This has led many a family to believe that going to Harvard is a golden ticket. [...]

Unsustainable Tuition Growth

Donald Heller, the director for the Center for the Study of Higher Education, has been studying college affordability and presented the following slide. It is obvious this divergence is unsustainable.  On its current path most graduates will effectively become indentured servants.  This leads to [...]
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