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Calculating Safe Withdrawal Rates

Much has been written about determining safe withdrawal rates. From Bengen’s early studies to later ones from Evansky, Guyton(pdf) to Kitces. Unfortunately, each one has a number of glaring weaknesses. What if you are significantly older or younger than these studies used?  In other words what if [...]

Schwab Cuts Index Fund Fees

It is nice to see Schwab has finally followed Fidelity in cutting the fees for its basic index funds. Schwab Equity Index Fund Expense ratio Schwab S&P 500 Index Fund (SWPPX) 0.09% Schwab Total Stock Market Index Fund®(SWTSX) 0.09% Schwab 1000 Index Fund® (SNXFX) 0.29% Schwab Small-Cap [...]
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