Long Term Care

Long Term Care Policy Rates Can are not Fixed

When long term care policies are sold, people are reassured that the premiums will be stable.  But they often forget this is not a guarantee and if the insurance company discovers they have underpriced a product for a class of people the premium will go up. I have actually been impressed that John [...]

Map of Long Term Care Costs

Genworth has created a map to see long term care costs in your state.  It is mostly at the state level although many large cities have their own numbers.  Metlife’s Nursing home survey covers more metropolitan areas if you can’t find yours here.

Tax Treatment of Long Term Care Insurance

Leimberg Information Services has written a great summary of the tax treatment of long-term care Insurance. For individuals, deductions flow through itemized medical expense deduction (subject to 7.5% floor) and if self-employed, through the self-employed health insurance deduction (subject to age [...]

2006 MetLife Market Survey of Nursing Home and Home Care Costs

MetLife produces the most comprehensive survey of nursing home and home care costs. They update the survey every September. The 2006 update has just been published.

31 Flavors of Long Term Care

When considering long term care needs in the future it is all too easy to assume the look of long term care tomorrow will be much as it is today. Here is an interesting interview that suggests the industry is in for radical changes as boomers [...]
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