Asset Protection

Brokerage Account Protections

While you probably feel good about your understanding of FDIC insurance for your bank deposits, you probably don’t have as good a feeling for money and securities held by your broker. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) put together a nice description of what happens when a [...]

Don’t use

Under federal law, consumers are entitled to one free credit report a year through government-sanctioned web site But thanks to those catchy commercials, the address is far better known among many consumers than the government site. In fact, the [...]

State by State Asset Protection

Jay Adkisson’s site lists the state protections provided to Qualified plans, IRAs, Roth IRA, homesteads, life insurance and annuities.

Hackers Zero In on Online Stock Accounts

The Washington Post has an article about how hackers have started specifically attacking brokerage accounts to use in pump and dump schemes. To protect yourself avoid accessing important accounts from public kiosks. Also anti-spyware has become the must have addition to your computer security [...]
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